Summer Reading Program ( preschool thru 5th grade)

2020: Imagine Your Story


—-Teens grades 6-7-8-9, see Teen page for your summer reading information—-


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Grades 1&2: 2nd place Kyler Brandenburger , Grades 1&2, 1st place Samuel Biggs. Grades 3-4-5:  1st Place Pierce Mathiason, 2nd place Thomas Bass.  Grades Preschool & K: 2nd place Vivian Mathiasen, 1st Place Bennett Schwandt.

DSCN2600 (2)   Thank you Sponsors!!!!!-2019

Thanks to our generous sponsors – this is our Library Store……2019

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and I had to make 2 more buying trips due to the children reading about 800 more hours this year.  Way to read kids……..


2019 Universe of Stories:

June 3rd:  Jay & Leslie Laughing Matters

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June 12th:

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June 19th:

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June 26th

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July 9th

Hanson Family Fun

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July 17th:

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